Integration Specialists
Need This? Read This...
Do you have and need to integrate with SAP, .net, or another external system? The next step of your career may depend on who you choose to do the integration.

A successful integration with can lead to significant recognition by executive management within your company. Imagine the accolades of increasing sales efficiency by 30-40% at the same time saving your company costly expenses by leveraging existing system data and functionality.  One thing that will stand in your way of that corner office is an inexperienced vendor who doesn't understand how to manage the risk of a integration.  There are many firms out there claiming to have experience with, but many are looking to you for their first project!  Don't bet your reputation within your company to a firm who can't walk the walk.

TDEROSA.COM Solutions is dedicated to crafting software integration solutions to meet your business needs using the latest cloud-based technology like Software integration requires the highest degree of experience and knowledge in development and careful testing techniques to ensure success.  With over 50 successful projects and 25+ yrs of software integration, we are the answer to your desire for a successful implementation of, and a new respect within your company.